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apple cider vinegar
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  1. Your Budgie's Health
    Good day all, I recently contacted a vet to see my birds as they have been having some issues for a while and they prescribed antibiotics,followed by a course of Apple Cider Vinegar for 2 weeks,then iodine. I assume the Apple Cider Vinegar was recommended for it's probiotic qualities,as I have...
  2. Diseases and Illnesses
    I have an all-white female budgie named Snowy who has been very sick for about two weeks now. We took her to the vet as soon as we noticed something was not right. She was fluffed up and kept nodding off even upon getting her out of the cage. Her poop had been looking a bit yellow for the...
  3. Diet and Nutrition
    Hello everyone, I have a few questions regarding my budgies' diet. 1. I would like them to begin consuming more protein and am therefore interested in feeding them egg. However, I do not know whether it is necessary for me to make my own egg food or if the mixes at pet stores are nutritious...
1-3 of 6 Results