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  1. Taming and Bonding
    Hello all, I have recently brought inside my last budgie, Lanala, from my aviary. Due to lack of time, I stopped breeding, which is why my flock population has slowly fallen until only she was left. I thought to bring Lanala inside as to ensure she would not get lonely or cold without anyone...
  2. Budgie Breeding
    Hi, I have an outdoor aviary with 8 budgies. I have had one pair breed in the past, so this is not my first experience of budgie breeding. There are no nesting boxes in the aviary but I just discovered that one of my females has been laying eggs in the back corner of the sheltered area. There...
  3. General Budgie Talk
    I have two boy-budgies and their cage is fairly large (32x21x36). I know that it is a bad idea to house different species together in cramped quarters, but if hypothetically I got a linnie someday, what would be the minimum-sized aviary for keeping them together? :budge::budge::budgie:
1-3 of 25 Results