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baby bird
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  1. Introductions
    Hello everyone! I’ve recently been gifted a baby budgie, and of course I’m invested in giving him the best care possible. I’ve had budgies in the past, but alas I was only about 6 or 7 years old :LOL: I’ve had other birds as well, but I know care can vary species to species. So far, my budgie is...
  2. Your Budgie's Health
    It’s my first ever baby budgie, I have two adult budgies in a separate cage and they don’t seem to scratch/fluff their feathers as much as he does. I would like them to introduce/socialize with each other but fear I it might be something contagious if anything at all; I’m on the lookout for bugs...
  3. Housing for Budgies
    So my two parakeets are around 9 weeks. The day I was gonna bring them home, their cage had everything I thought it was needed. Perches, toys, food cups, ropes.. well, I showed the breeder the picture and he told me to remove everything from the cage and only leave one perch at the bottom of the...
  4. Your Budgie's Health
    So, i've got a few baby birds. 3 to be exact. the first, deet, is doing really well! she gets fed, handheld, all that jazz. The third, Brea, is also doing well and can already stand at 11 days! she's smaller than the others but still good. The problem child is #2. Rian does not pick his...
  5. Budgie Videos
    Maloh is the amazing dancing budge! Sexy And I Know It: It's Like That: Uptown Funk What's My Name by 4Minute Hip-Hop-apotamus Kalemba (wegue wegue) Galvanize Bar Bar Bar Fergalicious
1-5 of 16 Results