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  1. Budgie Breeding
    Hey, hope you’re well! For those of you who don’t know, our budgies laid eggs last month and today the first chick hatched! That’s right! We’re all so excited! The chick looks extremely healthy. He’s chirping and wiggling a lot, which I’m taking as a good sign. I haven’t seen the mom feed him...
  2. Budgie Breeding
    Good evening, So we have two babies hatched from yesterday and now today. Should I removed the empty shells? I’m completely new to this.
  3. Taming and Bonding
    I recently brought home my first budgie after visiting him in the pet store where he was hand fed for about two weeks. He seemed scared from my hand after coming home but will stand on my finger without freaking out. Today I brought him outside for maybe two minutes before he flew from my hand...
  4. Budgie Pictures
    It won't be updates as often as Tanjiro's but with permission from FaeryBee he can have his own little ongoing thread. He's a bit shy but very photogenic when he is just doing his baby thing. We'll start off with his first picture though most will have seen it. His training is doing well, he's...
  5. Budgie Videos
    Meet Budd :D Budd hiding - YouTube Budd on his swing, hilarious to me Swingin' round - YouTube Hand feeding Budd Hand feeding millet to Budd - YouTube
1-5 of 20 Results