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  1. General Budgie Talk
    Are ornamental tabletop water fountains safe for budgies to play in?
  2. General Budgie Talk
    So I realised that my French moulter can't really jump down into the bird bath any more. He got stuck in a food bowl recently and was like bambi trying to get out. I need some sort of shallow tray that I can use as a bath for him. And it has to be something he can grip onto. I know you can get...
  3. Introductions
    Hello everyone Thought I would introduce myself. I always forget to do this when I join a list. I like to sit back and read some posts do a few replies and get to know everyone that way. Anyways I thought I would do it a bit different here. I'm a disabled veteran that used to own Finches...
  4. Budgie Pictures
    My little monster was given a nice spray down and left to dry among the laundry on the clothes horse! He was not pleased. Well Tanjiro, I have to kiss that beak of yours and I am not kissing it after it's been there!
  5. Budgie Pictures
    here he is looking not too pleased.
  6. Budgie Pictures
    i was going through some old photos and found a sweet picture of my poor darling (he died in August) after having a splash in the bathroom sink back in 2013.
  7. Budgie Pictures
    Hi, everyone! I've missed TB while on vacation, but I was really happy to go back to the US and see my family. Thank you to everyone for the good wishes about my dissertation defense... it paid off, and I'm now a Doctor of Iberian Studies! Yay!!! Sammy changed a lot while we were gone, and...
  8. Budgie Videos
    Smokey takes a bath and Gizmo just drinks the water.. Hope you enjoyed haha :)
1-8 of 8 Results