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  1. General Budgie Talk
    Hello guys! I have a yellow budgie named Minion and the lady I got it from wasn’t sure what it’s gender is or age. I think it’s a boy and maybe 5 months? I’m not sure because Minion is my first budgie and I got him or her a couple months ago. And he or she has been moulting for 1 month now, I...
  2. Determining Gender
    hi, I recently got two young budgies from a breeder however I am a little stuck on their sex, attached are pictures of heir ceres, could anyone else have a crack at it? I'm sure to th trains eye it's obvious, sorry! the blue one is about two months older than the green, who I was told was...
  3. Introductions
    Hello everyone First thank you all for those countless and very helpfull posts on this superb forum! I already got answered alot of our questions and learned a lot about the things we need too change and evolve with our little fellas! :-) First to us: My wife introduced the world of budgies to...
1-3 of 6 Results