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  1. Budgie Behavior
    I have had my budgie for around 3 years now and we have always been fine. When ever he was out his cage he would not leave me alone and always land on me, come to me when called. Now suddenly out of no where he is avoiding me. He is not sick in any way, hyper, eating and drinking normally. I'm...
  2. Budgie Behavior
    Hi everyone! New to group. My workplace has a budgie since it's my bosses and they spend almost all their time here rather than home. She's an absolute sweetheart, but often likes men over women (I'm a woman, but slowly earning her trust). I've noticed this week that her behaviour has changed a...
  3. Budgie Behavior
    Yes, it sounds confusing, but it is true, they dont want to come to me only in the daytime. If i even go close to the cage, they starts to running away and hide :(. But in the evening, (as soon as it's dark) , they have no problem be with me, sit on my finger and sometimes go around in the...
1-3 of 8 Results