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  1. Budgie Videos
    Check out this video of our 7.5 month old talking Budgie, Doc. I came home from work mid-June, sat on the loveseat with him just behind my head and he went on a major 3 minute spiel ! I was lucky to be able to video him with my cell phone... DOCOURTALKINGBUDGY - YouTube HE IS SAYING: hello...
  2. Training Journals
    Since I just found out about this thread now and I've had peep since Sunday (5-12-13) I will start from that day until current. 5/12/13-Sunday Bringing my pretty little budgie home was one of the happiest moments of my life. I set up her cage and let her be for a while. I kept her in the front...
  3. Budgie Videos
    Budgies Eating Broccoli - YouTube I haven't posted in so long! Im sorry. But heres a cute little video of my budgies eating some broccoli
  4. Budgie Videos
    :DSo we buy 5$-15$ toys but whats their favourite? String. :S Oh well at least they're happy Budgies Love String! - YouTube
21-24 of 84 Results