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  1. Celebrations!
    I don't actually know what day Apollo was born, but one year ago today I brought home an untamed baby budgie with clipped wings who sat silently shaking for most of his first couple of days here. Today I came home to the happiest budgie who was singing at the top of his lungs and flew to me to...
  2. Celebrations!
    So tomorrow is Sammy's first hatch day! :party2: Sammy came to us in June of 2014 from a wonderful breeder here in Madrid. He has been loved from day one, and he has grown into a very cute and playful budgie! Unfortunately, Sammy has had a lot of health problems throughout his first year. The...
  3. Celebrations!
    A beautiful belated gift came today in the form of Tanjiro showing me how he likes being hand fed (photo below). I had a cup of guava tea from Chatime and I got to have a Field of Dreams mushroom burger at Grill'd.
1-3 of 10 Results