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  1. Diseases and Illnesses
    main points of what I have to say have been bolded I've had a pair of parakeets for the past several years. Recently, one of my babies has passed on, leaving the one I have now behind. Ever since his passing, my other male has been very sad it seems. All day he stares at the fake parakeet we...
  2. Determining Gender
    Am I a girl or boy? My owner is new to budgies. Hi. Am I a girl or boy? My owner is new to budgies and needs help figuring me out. I'm about 9-10 weeks old.
  3. Mutations and Genetics
    I have 2 budgies, Zelda and Link. Zelda is the white/blue female who is 1 year old and the granddaugther of 2 of my previous budgies (Fuglebugl & Cookie). Link is the green youngling, who I just picked up recently, and he is around 3 months old. I wasn't sure I wanted to mate them, but they get...
  4. Lost and Found
    I found this little scared yesterday :budgie: wondering on Shacklewell Lane, London pavement next to some studios near the Shacklewell Arms. I’m keeping it safe for the time being but would love to reunite it with his owner. It is very scare but looks healthy. And it flies he hasn’t got her...
1-4 of 39 Results