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  1. New Member Introductions
    It's great to finally find a place to discuss and get all my answers. I recently got a budgie last May named Apollo. I don't know his exact age, (I got him at a random breeder) but he was old enough to have a blue cere and be identified as male. It's been great hanging out with him and learning...
  2. Follow-up Center
    Hey! So I’m really worried about my budgie because I don’t know what’s going on with it. It’s possibly a girl but I’m not sure. But I’ll call it a she. So everything was normal with her and then one day I just find her on the bottom on her cage and find out that she can’t walk with her feet or...
  3. Determining Gender
    Hello Everyone, My friend bought 2 budgies. What is the gender of these budgies? The two budgies won't chirp much at all. Please let me know their gender. I have attached the photos below Thanks
  4. Determining Gender
    Hello, I have bought yellow budgie from Petsmart store. I am not sure about it's gender and it's age. I have also noticed his/her eye color looks red. Can someone please let me the Gender, Age and budgie breed name? Thank you,
  5. Determining Gender
    I just last week got a new young budgie. I was told he's between 6-11 weeks old. This is sort of obvious but I am wondering if Billie is a He or a She? My camera is really bad, but the cere is like a bluish purple with what looks like pink around the nostrils. I think I might know the sex just...
  6. Determining Gender
    Hi! I just got this parakeet yesterday, they told me they do not know the gender of the birds, I was wondering if you could tell me what you think the gender is. He was very calm when we first brought him home and he sits on my finger just fine. Thank you!
1-6 of 20 Results