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  1. Kai & Serenity

    These 2 babies have been together since they started hand-feeding and are very bonded. They are unrelated and absolutely gorgeous so I decided to keep them and see if they will become a bonded breeding pair once they are old enough. If not that's fine too.
  2. Budgie Breeding
    Hello all, So I have a pair of budgies that mated and now I have 4 eggs and 1 chick(hatched yesterday). The budgies are not tamed, simply because I am a university going student and do not have the time to spend with them. They are healthy and eat healthy. The nest is full of poop. Like the...
  3. Budgie Breeding
    Hi all! So I walked in on my two budgies , Gigi and Pinù, making sweet birdie love the other day. They’ve mated briefly in the past, but nothing ever came of it (no eggs, no babies). But this time they were mating rather… intensely. Does this mean Gigi will lay eggs? Should I provide her with a...
  4. Budgie Videos
    my Lovley Budgie Coco plays like cats .
1-4 of 17 Results