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  1. Budgie Behavior
    Hello, Sorry about the title I can't seem to edit it! It should be - Getting a third budgie. I have 2 budgies, one green male (Buddy) and one blue female (Elsa). They're both around 10-14 months old. Buddy was brought up hand reared and is absoloutely crazy, hardly ever gets tired and is so...
  2. New Budgie Arrivals
    Questions about Pearl so I finally got a new budgie today :blush: After 2 years since my first two pet budgies died... so I've promised myself to take better care of Pearl , which is what I named her ^^ So she got out of her box that I placed on the new cage and after flapping frantically...
  3. Follow-up Center
    I recently went on vacation for 2 weeks and left my little girl with a friend who also has a bird; a sun canary. But when I got her back today, I noticed Suki (her name) has developed a swollen chest, as you see in the picture attachments. Usually she is a skinny, healthy budgie, so it is odd to...
  4. Budgie Pictures
    She's really warming up to us! Becoming much more playful and social! :) Also I got her a much larger cage!
  5. Lost and Found
    I am writing here in a last ditch attempt to find my beloved 5 yr old White Budgie. She escaped in panic on 8/4/15, after the table that she was on collapsed and her cage broke open. She flew out my door in Three Crosses, Swansea, United Kingdom. There was a relatively strong south-westerly...
  6. Your Budgie's Health
    Hi everyone. I was researching on my birds blood on her nose until I came across this site. I tried to make an account to only find out I already had one :P Anyways so if am posting this in the wrong place please do excuse me. I also uploaded a few photos but not sure if they went through. Now...
1-6 of 15 Results