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  1. Mutations and Genetics
    Hey, I just got a new yellow male budgie💛 Can you please tell me his mutation type and why he or some budgies has/have combination of dark blue and purple cere. I'm just curious. And please can you tell his age ??? And how should I introduce him to my other budgies ?
  2. General Budgie Talk
    Can you tell her💙 age ?
  3. Budgie Behavior
    So here's my blue budgie. Before getting into behaviour, I have few questions. I am guessing my budgie is female but when I got budgie few months back it's cere was light purple and blue but as it grow older now its combination of sky blue and white also shopkeeper said he's a male budgie so I...
  4. Determining Gender
    So i have had this parakeet for almost a year and i need help determining the sex of my budgie and i keep calling it a he so who knows if its really a girl!
  5. Diseases and Illnesses
    Hi. I have a yellow budgie named Tweety, and he has been acting very strange lately. He has been wanting to stay in his cage more often, although he is still very talkative. He came out today and flew on his perch, but then started pooping way more watery then he usually does and pooping way...
  6. Your Budgie's Health
    Hello. I have a 3.5-month-old budgie named spikey. I got him around August, and he was doing fine. Recently he has started to pant heavily after flying and also during his sleep he makes wheezing sounds. Is this due to the fact that he is still learning to fly or does he have an infection...
  7. Diseases and Illnesses
    last week today july 2021 may 2021 My budgie has been a little off since I moved them into my room.They have been mistreated a lot before I took them fully into my care.One of them was caught outside, probably from a "freeing" method and the other one was bought from pet shop.They didn't show...
  8. Budgie Pictures
    I searched the internet for an answer but I’m still not sure. I think he is a greywing, but I dont really know what colour. He is not a skyblue and I dont really see a violet (yet). I’m sure someone on this forum van help me out! Thanks!!
  9. Determining Gender
    Hello my friend’s i have trouble with my budgie’s gender. This is new budgie so i will be grateful if someone could tell me is it male od female . It’s name is Angel and it is albino. Have a good day , byeeeee!!!!! 🦜🦜🦜
  10. General Budgie Talk
    Idk the petstore lady said it was around 3 months of age and they coudnlt tell its gender but i read some people can tell at that age idk what to believe.
  11. Your Budgie's Health
    My female budgie is sleeping for the past 5 hours puffed up with her head tucked in her feathers on a perch and is not moving when touched. Should i be concerned? She was fine this morning. I brought her 2 days ago.
1-11 of 11 Results