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  1. Determining Gender
    Hi! This is Minnow, and I got him believing he was female due to the colour of his cere. He has had a partial first moult, and I got him when he was maybe between 1 or 2 months this past June, so he should be over 6 months. I know he is male, as a few months ago he has started trying to mount...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hey! My name is Mark but nickname MRK. I'm new to keeping budgies and I got 2 of them yeasterday! :D One male and other one female they are happy! Female was kinda agressive and male chill but we all got along. Also I made post in "Your Budgie's Health" there is everything and one question I...
  3. Mutations and Genetics
    My English budgerigar Storky of 5 years died today and I really miss her and I need to know her mutation. I badly want to buy a new one exactly like her and I need to know what mutation is she and what colour combination creates it. BTW my icon is her. Here are some pictures of her:
  4. General Budgie Talk
    My budgie Apollo has been with me since May now, but I feel like he's acting a little more sad recently. He was plucking his feathers, but I assumed it was molting. Then he sometimes refused to eat breakfast, which is usually his favorite part of his routine. This morning I was checking his...
  5. Diseases and Illnesses
    My budgie Grassy suddenly started shaking and vibrating it's right leg without her permission it is happening..there is no avian vet became more from today morning..pls can you say what happened To my budgie 😭 what to do now..?
  6. Budgie Behavior
    So I have 2 budgies, male named Baloo and female named Lucky. Baloo has started in the last few weeks to pull on luckys tail and/or wings. It isn’t often but at least once a day. They’ve been together a year and get along well otherwise but I’m just wondering what it means?
  7. Determining Gender
    Hello everyone, I was wondering what my baby budgies gender was. It looks like in the beginning near the nostrils are white but i think it turns slightly light blue but there is clearly a white around it a bit. My question was if anybody can notice or know what gender it is. We though its a...
  8. Your Budgie's Health
    Hello, I have two budgies, one is a female names Lemon, and she's yellow, and one's a male, Fern, he's more green. A while ago, I let Lemon out of her cage but had trouble getting her back in, I eventually had to cover her with a cloth and put her back in. After that, I noticed the area around...
  9. Housing for Budgies
    Yo guys, i'm looking to upgrade the cages so that my budgies can have more exercise as my current one is too small for 2 budgies, but my budget is not too high if someone could give me suggestions (I live in Portugal but if you find some that can ship to portugal i apreciate it) Thanks for all...
  10. Housing for Budgies
    Until recently i didn't know anything about budgies and i just thought i had to feed them and that's all, now i'm getting into budgies and i'm loving it, i'm already taming and bonding with them and trying to be their best friend but i have a question. At night i normally just turn all the...
  11. Taming and Bonding
    Hey guys, i've had 2 budgies for quite some time but i only found out that y ou could tame them and have them be your best friend like 1 week ago. I watched some videos and some videos said it was really hard or impossible to tame budgies in a pair because they prefer to be with each other so i...
  12. Diet and Nutrition
    My budgie, Citrus, won't eat any vegetables or fruit. I got him about a week ago but whenever I try to feed him any fruit or vegetable he just sits still and ignores it. He will happily eat millet and seeds from my finger though. Is he scared of the vegetables or something?
  13. Your Budgie's Health
    So, I’ve gotten a new baby budgie recently. Its probably a young budgie like 2-4 months. It’s been 5 days since I had it. I was spending time with it yesterday and saw that his butt (vent) area had no feathers and looked really sore. It had a bit of poop stuck today, so I cleaned it and bathed...
  14. Your Budgie's Health
    My budgie has developed a respiratory infection and I need to treat him. I need to know a safe dosage so I can treat him, please! I have found this medicine: Doxycycline 20%
  15. Your Budgie's Health
    Is 5mg/ml of Ivermectin safe for budgies? (1 drop/3 weeks)
  16. General Budgie Talk
    Hi there I've asked questions on other forums but saw a piece on getting them back in their cage. Now Bluey n Bingo weren't hand raised and I've been working hard on the steps ad mistakes were made at the begin with. But I've had them 2 months and we are making progress. Now I just want to...
  17. New Budgie Arrivals
    Finally found a wonderful feathered friend and curious to its gender before I pick a name. Also I was doing some research and think it’s a yellow face 2 and an opaline baby. Curious to see if I got any of that right. Thank you and excited to be joining the budgie world.
  18. Budgie Behavior
    Hi, I have a female budgie about 4 year old and for a few days I have noticed that sometimes she wiggles her tail back and forth and she's making high noises. I think she might be in pain but her cloaca seems clean. What should I do?
  19. Your Budgie's Health
    for the past few days my budgies dropping have more water in the usual. I wanted to give it awhile to see if it would return to normal on its on and it is still the same. I just want a second opinion and if a vet is the best option since I’m worried about stressing him out. the only usual...
1-19 of 498 Results