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  1. Diseases and Illnesses
    A few days ago I noticed my budgie bluebell's beak had some crusty stuff formed on it and I'm still unsure if it's scaly mites or something else. He's acting normal and is behaving like his usual self. Also I read that sometimes budgies molt their beaks and he's been having an extremely long...
  2. Your Budgie's Health
    4 months back, i brought 3 baby budgies. One of them is still in the same condition, he is not growing, he don't have much feathers and his beak has overgrown. I took him to the vet , they trimmed his beak and gave a medicine for his growth. His beak started to grow again and I trimmed his beak...
  3. Diseases and Illnesses
    I’ve noticed that my budgies have longer beaks is it normal or is it an illness? or maybe it’s overgrown. also the blue one (Bella) has a red mark under her beak is it ok? And thanks ABOUDI
1-3 of 3 Results