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  1. Your Budgie's Health
    I had a pair of budgie and they started breeding a couple months ago. Three babies came out. they are almost 2 month old now but none of them walk properly. Can rarely fly. they walk by their knees. It it normal or are they really weak?? this is my first time having baby birds. Please help asap...
  2. Diet and Nutrition
    So if anyone saw in the last post Pee-Tree looks fine and like nothing happened to him (he has a little odd behaviors but that's for another day) but i need help with him eating fruits and vegetables. so i would like to hear (or see) ya'll thoughts or hacks to help Pee-Tree eat other things and...
  3. Your Budgie's Health
    Hello everyone! nice meeting you all. This is Clyde, my budgie whom I got a month ago along with another budgie, Bonnie. Clyde has a healthy balanced diet of veggies and seeds, particularly obsessed with lettuce. Up until a week of their arrival, I noticed that Clyde's feet were different from...
1-3 of 3 Results