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  1. Budgie Behavior
    Ok so I have a pair (male & female) that have been living together for about a year now and the male has been very hormonal lately. I've caught him rubbing himself on toys which I've removed from the cage but he is also pulling at the females tail every chance he gets to the point where her tail...
  2. Budgie Behavior
    Hey guys, I have a male budge and female budgie around 3-4 months old living in one big cage. The female (Eve) is bullying Adam a lot now! She keeps hogging the seed bowl, and when Adam tries to get to the fruit bowl, she follows him then pushes him away sometimes. When I get Adam to step onto...
  3. Budgie Behavior
    Recently we got a new sub perch for our 3 budgies to sit on (white, blue, and turquoise). They all really love it. So much that 2 of my birds (turquoise and blue) attack my other bird (white) viciously when it wants to sit there. This doesn't just happen on the perch the two bird also attack the...
1-3 of 11 Results