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cage question
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  1. Housing for Budgies
    So I recently got two budgies, about a week ago, and am wanting to make sure I have everything I need for their happiness. I originally got the this cage - (Still in the process of cleaning it out) But I realized pretty quick it wasn't going to work. The worker at the pet store told me to...
  2. Housing for Budgies
    I have one of those finch flight cages for Jersey (30"L x 18"W x 18"H), and it has the removable bin underneath the grate bottom. I use newspaper for the bin because I'm worried if I lay newspaper down in the cage that she'll chew on it and ingest the harmful chemicals they use in the ink. On...
  3. General Budgie Talk
    Are sand perches good for budgies feet? I thought they were and just bought one, but then I saw a post saying they were too rough. Should I take it out of their cage?
  4. General Budgie Talk
    I have what I've heard described as a Velcro budgie. My Baby is 2 months old and never wants to leave our sides. Baby goes frantic in her cage and climbs up and down to come out :( Her cage is a medium sized but I will admit she needs bigger. Next week I will be buying her a 30" x 18.5" x 36"...
1-4 of 5 Results