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  1. Celebrations!
    So tomorrow is Sammy's first hatch day! :party2: Sammy came to us in June of 2014 from a wonderful breeder here in Madrid. He has been loved from day one, and he has grown into a very cute and playful budgie! Unfortunately, Sammy has had a lot of health problems throughout his first year. The...
  2. Budgie Pictures
    Hi, everyone! I've missed TB while on vacation, but I was really happy to go back to the US and see my family. Thank you to everyone for the good wishes about my dissertation defense... it paid off, and I'm now a Doctor of Iberian Studies! Yay!!! Sammy changed a lot while we were gone, and...
  3. Celebrations!
    Hi, everyone! :wave: Sammy is doing great, although we haven't caught him repeating any more funny phrases lately. He is mish-mashing though, especially when music is on. Today, it sounded like he was singing "Lady Madonna" with The Beatles! Today we have two big non-Sammy related...
1-3 of 3 Results