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  1. Determining Gender
    So now we have 4 budgies (we already had 4, but two died because of breathing in fumes and one was returned to the pet shop after not adapting to her new environment.) and I decided to change my name to FourCallingBirds lol. We're having trouble sexing Snowy (our white one in the picture...
  2. General Budgie Talk
    Hello, my budgie Jax is almost finished molting and I just noticed that his cere has a few flakes and it looks as if it’s peeling. He is pretty young and may be around 10 months old i’m not sure. Is this normal ??? He’s perfectly fine and hasn’t changed in behavior at all, in fact as i’m writing...
  3. Determining Gender
    Am I a girl or boy? My owner is new to budgies. Hi. Am I a girl or boy? My owner is new to budgies and needs help figuring me out. I'm about 9-10 weeks old.
  4. Your Budgie's Health
    Hello all, First post here, will do a proper introduction later! Recently I aquired a rescued budgie. His cere seems to be damaged, it has a white edge close to where it should (I think) attach to the beak. There is a space between the white "edge" and the actual beak. I provided pictures that...
  5. Your Budgie's Health
    Hello fellow Talk Budgies members! I am new to birds and will soon be caring for a green budgie -- who was named Nino by my boyfriend and I. :green budgie: I have read through many of the forum's stickies, but am still unsure of and concerned for Nino's health. A bit of info beforehand: My bf...
  6. Your Budgie's Health
    I recently bought a new male budgie for my 8 year old, he had a deep blue cere when I got him three weeks ago. He was born last October. About a week ago I noticed brownish spots forming in the center of his cere, today the dark brown colour has almost taken over! He seems to be a healthy bird...
  7. Your Budgie's Health
    Hello! I recently brought home a new baby budgie who is thought to be between 6-12months. My previous budgie passed after 12 years, so I haven't dealt with a new baby since. I noticed there was some darker brown coloration near the center of the cere. I just want to make sure it's natural...
  8. Your Budgie's Health
    Tundra I noticed is a bit darker in the center of his cere. It's just a bit browner thank rest of cere. Is that normal? Let me know if the image link works :) Thanks Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
  9. Your Budgie's Health
    As i mentioned in my last post ( my baby bird Charlie has been under the weather, but has shown fairly significant improvement over the past few days. He finished his last molt about a month ago, which was a long one, about...
  10. Diseases and Illnesses
    Please help, Budgie Question. Is there something wrong with my budgies cere? And eyes? They eyes look yellow around them.
  11. Diseases and Illnesses
    I am extremely worried about Loop, my female budgie. I have noticed that her cere does not look good at all. It is swollen and crusty, and her nostrils have turned to different sizes. (Cere looks REALLY bad :( ) Loop also seems to be more lethargic lately. She lives with one male budgie, and he...
1-12 of 79 Results