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  1. Budgie Behavior
    Hi! First of all I want to say I'm not from America, we don't have many "luxuries" where I live, no avian vets, no pet stores with big cages (when needed, people make them by hand), almost no people with pets that are not dogs, cats or hamsters. I'm saying this because I am really trying my...
  2. Budgie Behavior
    so Im a new budgie owner and Im a little confused by my budgies behaviour. He is very quiet, the only time he makes sounds is when I play him music or Im watching netflix. I play him queen a lot which I thought he loved cuz he kept chirping like he was trying to sing along but at some points he...
  3. Training Journals
    So for the past couple of months I've been working with Pippy, getting her to step up and such. She's very used to me, she's almost 4 years old now, and she's actually on my shoulder chirping away right now, she doesn't bite anymore, she LOVES preening my hair/face and she's gotten used to me...
1-3 of 20 Results