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  1. Mutations and Genetics
    I'm going to be getting this English female off my friend next week. And we are both fawning over her colours. The problem is I'm flipping between her possible mutation. I am sure she's what you'd call a Recessive English Grey. However it's hard to say too cause I know the Grey factoring gene...
  2. Mutations and Genetics
    I don’t remember when I got this young male with a young female but it was somewhere in November, 2021 Anywho~~~ Anyone wanna take a gander? His markings and mutations are way too similar to my Violet and Frost Bite who I have at least got confirmed for the mutations they’re stated as. Frost...
  3. Mutations and Genetics
    You guys can take a gander at what she is. Her name is Pearl.
1-3 of 5 Results