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  1. Mutations and Genetics
    I have 2 budgies, Zelda and Link. Zelda is the white/blue female who is 1 year old and the granddaugther of 2 of my previous budgies (Fuglebugl & Cookie). Link is the green youngling, who I just picked up recently, and he is around 3 months old. I wasn't sure I wanted to mate them, but they get...
  2. Budgie Breeding
    i have 2 budgies that are showing intrest in the nesting box, i chose them because i was curious to see the color combination of the chicks if they have any, hoping they will have them. the first female died out of unknown causes and they were fighting a lot... we took the male to a pet store...
  3. Mutations and Genetics
    I have my ideas but I just want to be certain. Here are the first two! And here are the other pair. The hens wing markings etc are a grey/brown colour, alot lighters than the cocks. Thanks!!
  4. Mutations and Genetics
    Can anybody tell me what I will get if I breed a dark factor grey and a light green??
1-4 of 4 Results