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  1. Taming and Bonding
    I've had budgies for many years and only now I have decided to join a forum. My current budgie likes to cuddle with me, and I've noticed that when he gets comfortable, he likes to rest his beak open on my finger. And just keep it like that. It is very cute but why does he do it? I've never seen...
  2. Other Birds
    :wave1: Hi guys! Just wanted to know if anyone here have any parrotlets and what has been their experience with them! I am, for sure, not even close, to getting one any time soon, but I want to expand my flock in the future, and a parrotlet would be the next birdie I would want to get! So, don't...
  3. General Budgie Talk
    Hey everyone! After being alone for 1.5 years I finally got Daisy a partner! Ozzie is multicolored and male. Daisy is a male too. He is absolutely in love with Ozzie and has been treating him very well! Ozzie on the other hand is still pretty nervous of his surroundings. I bought him from a...
  4. Budgie Pictures
    She's really warming up to us! Becoming much more playful and social! :) Also I got her a much larger cage!
  5. Budgie Pictures
    It won't be updates as often as Tanjiro's but with permission from FaeryBee he can have his own little ongoing thread. He's a bit shy but very photogenic when he is just doing his baby thing. We'll start off with his first picture though most will have seen it. His training is doing well, he's...
  6. General Budgie Talk
    I ventured out today to pick up the new baby, I've been so excited all week and the baby is finally here! Tiny little Malohkeh is very curious and poops a lot, he makes me laugh. When I went to hold him, the cheeky ****** wiggled away and ran under his owner's fence. My dad caught him and handed...
  7. Budgie Videos
    here he is having a chit chat 3 years ago with Sonny by his side. i suck at formatting, can someone help me
  8. Budgie Pictures
    I wanted to pose him with my new dress, which is a 50s swing dress and is a lovely shade of blue. He didn't really like it but hung around for a photo anyway.
  9. Budgie Pictures
    It's time for an album of my cuties nibbling on things :D Let's start with the millet they just had! That's right, just having some nibbles of millet~ But after they were stuffed and all tired and yawned and got all comfy for a little nap!
  10. Budgie Videos
    my Lovley Budgie Coco plays like cats .
  11. Budgie Pictures
    My little monster was given a nice spray down and left to dry among the laundry on the clothes horse! He was not pleased. Well Tanjiro, I have to kiss that beak of yours and I am not kissing it after it's been there!
  12. Budgie Pictures
    my parents and I used to call him baby medicine chops for a reason
  13. Budgie Videos
    Hi all! I have a video of Greenbird giving himself a head massage on the wacky wood perch. I catch him using it all the time, but it is popular among all 4 of them :D Make sure to make it HD, it is really bad quality without it. Even with the HD it is very grainy due to the darkness of the...
  14. Budgie Pictures
    i was going through some old photos and found a sweet picture of my poor darling (he died in August) after having a splash in the bathroom sink back in 2013.
  15. Budgie Pictures
    my two big boys feeding and smooching
  16. Budgie Videos
    Chi-Chi and the Bobblehead Giraffe - YouTube This was a cute video I took of Chi-Chi on November 8th, only 3 days before the surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from his tail. He was having a blast dancing with his bobblehead giraffe toy! And I think I had just as much fun watching him :P I...
  17. Budgie Pictures
    here is is with his "girlfriend" Carrot the Toy Parrot
  18. Budgie Pictures
    I decided to take the fids up to the roof for their sun bathing routine (usually I put them out on my balcony) as it was a really nice day and I thought they might like it. And of-course pics ensued as I love taking photos of these two :D. I love the way sunlight makes their features standout...
1-18 of 88 Results