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    I'm not entirely sure if this should go into the Budgie Sexing sextion(get it? Ha, word puns) but I have a bit of a question that may seem either extremely unintelligent or may completely change what I've thought my budgies' genders have been this entire time. This is Sparks and (Vanilla)Bean...
  2. Budgie Videos
    Hi, everyone! Lately, Sammy has been dancing when we're listening to music. I say "dance, dance" and he starts bobbing his head and moving back and forth. It's so funny! :laughing: Today I caught a bit on video. Really, he's playing with my fingers, but he definitely has a little Sunday swing...
  3. Budgie Videos Zeus' favourite song is the Hokey Cokey Hokey cokey - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Excuse my singing but he almost has the moves to a tee! :budgie:
  4. Budgie Videos
    My sweet, talented Greenie in the Vet's waiting room before his first check up. I was asking him if he wanted to dance, and he seemed to understand. Since then, if I sing or hum Tea for Two, more often than not he'll do his little dance.:budgie:
1-4 of 7 Results