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  1. Do-It-Yourself
    Hello once more to all my fellow budgie enthusiasts! I'm pretty bored all day at home so I'm usually thinking of fun crafts to do for my boys to enrich both our lives. As a result, I've decided to document my creations here! Hopefully some of my designs may inspire others. Here's my latest...
  2. Do-It-Yourself
    I plan to build an acrylic feeder for my budgies, However i was wondering what was a safe adhesive to use to bond the pieces together. The sealant would be inside out of reach of the budgies but i am unsure if it is safe, I've been looking for an answer all over but I only hear about it being...
  3. Recipes of foods for Budgies
    Hi everyone, I'm really keen to try these seed bells: Homelife - How To Make A Birdseed Bell But altering it as was previously suggested in another Talk Budgies topic from a few years ago from FaeryBee: "Making seed bells for our budgies might be fun. I'd substitute a budgie seed mix instead...
1-3 of 36 Results