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  1. Budgie Pictures
    So those of you have read about Raz's recent 2 day food strike (Here:"Raz isn't pooping" thread). It was due to not getting enough seed as I switched him to pellets too soon. Here he is eating happily again now that I removed the pellets :). Also I got some funny (though very blurry pics) of...
  2. Mutations and Genetics
    Hello experts in color mutations, Until today i thought i know a bit about the genes mutation but now i am totally confused again. 2 pied budgies are supposed to have most of the offspring to be pied, but only 1 of the babies got pied with all the markings. Nada the mom is around 2 years old...
  3. Mutations and Genetics
    Hey, y'all! Can anyone tell me if my budgie Widget is a dominant pied or a recessive pied? I was recently told that "she" is a "he", which confused the heck out of me, and now I'm curious as to the mutation, because I'm told that affects cere color. Here is a pic:
1-3 of 5 Results