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  1. Mutations and Genetics
    I didn't exactly ask the bird shop I purchased Matisse from what his mutation was as visually I thought he was just a standard wild type English budgie with no mutations, didn't seem to have distinct markings or color darkening. Now as I've had him for a little while I've noticed some...
  2. Mutations and Genetics
    My English budgerigar Storky of 5 years died today and I really miss her and I need to know her mutation. I badly want to buy a new one exactly like her and I need to know what mutation is she and what colour combination creates it. BTW my icon is her. Here are some pictures of her:
  3. Budgie Pictures
    Thor and Loki are now 14 weeks old and I’m excited to start their picture thread. :) After the recent well check up by the avian vet they are weighing in at 41.5g (Loki) and 46.3g (Thor). We are going through quite a molt right now and it’s pin feathers galore! Thor has been losing his blue...
  4. Budgie Pictures
    My little Thor’s cheek patch seems to be changing from blue to white. I originally thought it was pin feathers as he is going through a molt but the feathers coming out has been white. Is this normal and will he lose all the blue? He is also 13 weeks like his sister Loki. We are pretty sure he...
  5. Budgie Pictures
    Curious to the sex of my English budgie. The cere on this little cutie is throwing me off. One day I see a ring of white and other days it isn’t as obvious. This is my little 12 week old English budgie Loki. :)
  6. Mutations and Genetics
    I'm going to be getting this English female off my friend next week. And we are both fawning over her colours. The problem is I'm flipping between her possible mutation. I am sure she's what you'd call a Recessive English Grey. However it's hard to say too cause I know the Grey factoring gene...
  7. Budgie Behavior
    I recently adopted a budgie to keep my own boy company after he lost his budgie wife. They are in separate cages currently as they get to know each other. Bertie is an exhibition/English budgie who belonged to a lady that did really love him just didn't have the time anymore. However, it's...
  8. New Member Introductions
    I got my English budgie named Harry about 4-5 months ago, he hasn’t gotten any bigger or anything, only wider. Is it normal for some of them to take longer to grow
  9. Budgie Behavior
    Hi everyone! I'm new here and have a new English Budgie named Yondu. I'm not new to birds at all but I am new to English Budgies! So I have a few issues I need help with! First I've had him almost a month with no progress in trust, I sit my hand in his cage multiple times a day, offer treats and...
  10. Training Journals
    My English Budgie Dublin was the sweetest little girl ever. When she was young, she would follow me around my room an nestle up in my hair. When school got more difficult, I couldn't play with her as much. Now, whenever I try to play with her, she bites me really hard. She likes to be alone in...
  11. Your Budgie's Health
    So my budgie ****y has really long nails, im actually shocked how long they have gotten and really feel bad about it. My last 2 budgies nails never needed clipping for some reason and one of them lived to 12 years old, not sure why ****y has such fast growing nails. Anyway i read that nail...
1-11 of 27 Results