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  1. Mutations and Genetics
    Hello, I can clearly see my budgie is pied (not sure which type but it has the "coin" on the back of the head, and the flight feathers are clear which makes it clearflight pied i guess???), it is yellow face and it is diluted to some extent (not sure how much) The wings are kind of yellowish...
  2. General Budgie Talk
    Hello! It's been some time since i was active here. This is my new birdie, about 4-5 months old (as per the seller opinion). Can you tell me if this is a little Missy or little boy?? My major dilemma is the gender of this teenager :)
  3. General Budgie Talk
    Hi everyone, these are my two new budgies. They're siblings. The photos have been taken in natural light. So all help on sexing them would be great. :) :budgie:
  4. General Budgie Talk
    Hello there. Just over a year ago, I bought myself two beautiful budgies, Betty and Tweety, and I couldn't be happier with them both. They are happy to sit on my finger, need some encouragement to come out of the cage and will sit on my shoulder. Recently I went back to my previous work...
  5. General Budgie Talk
    Ok I now know I own two female birds (around 1 year of age each) and one male( nearing 6 years of age). My male has bonded wits one of the females, and I caught the baby making. Now I have already removed all items that could become a nesting area, and I completely rearranged the cage. After...
  6. General Budgie Talk
    Hi all, First a quick thanks to all you dedicated posters. You have helped me to no end over the past year! I would like some help with an agressive female i have. I have not lost all hope hence this post but i think she may need to be alone in a cage with a mirror for the rest of her life...
  7. Mutations and Genetics
    I'm going to breed my budgies for the first time in their lives, in about a year or so. But I'm really curious about the possible color outcome, since I know quite a few people that wants some of the chicks, and I couldn't find anything about "skyblue + albino". I have bred budgies before...
  8. Mutations and Genetics
    Hi guys, I have a large English Male budgie with native colours (See Picture) and a female budgie who is completely yellow. I'm wanting to get a few more of the English variety budgies or hopefully some with native colours like my male. Would it be worth trying to breed these two and would they...
21-28 of 107 Results