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  1. Lost and Found
    a beautiful little parakeet was eating grass seed in my front yard yesterday. i was able to capture and put in a cage with food and water. please help me find this birds family! there is a leg band
  2. Lost and Found
    So, this budgie just showed up outside, perched on the railing, so we've taken it in, with our other two. Anyways, he's for sure a pet, seeing as how Texas is half-way across the globe from where they belong. Poor thing wouldn't leave the food bowl for the longest time! Required! Please fill...
  3. Lost and Found
    I found this little scared yesterday :budgie: wondering on Shacklewell Lane, London pavement next to some studios near the Shacklewell Arms. I’m keeping it safe for the time being but would love to reunite it with his owner. It is very scare but looks healthy. And it flies he hasn’t got her...
1-3 of 9 Results