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  1. Budgie Videos
    Hi, everyone! Lately, Sammy has been dancing when we're listening to music. I say "dance, dance" and he starts bobbing his head and moving back and forth. It's so funny! :laughing: Today I caught a bit on video. Really, he's playing with my fingers, but he definitely has a little Sunday swing...
  2. Budgie Videos
    Hi everyone! Here I am with another budgie video! :D This was just a fun recipe I came up with, enjoy! :budgie: Baking For Birds: Calzone Pizza Treats! - YouTube Please subscribe to my YouTube channel! I upload high quality videos on creative and useful pet care. :) My channel...
  3. Budgie Videos
    Cheeky Charlie - YouTube This is my budgie Charlie and his cockatiel friend Kasper, charlie loves nothing more than to indulge on a wotsit every now an then and he always knows when i have a bag :) :budgie: charlie is wotsit mad :p Hope you enjoy the video
1-3 of 36 Results