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  1. Determining Gender
    after my little momo passed a small while ago, my family sought to cheer me up buy buying me another budgerigar, does any one have any clue what the little one may be?
  2. General Budgie Talk
    Hi, I recently got a new budgie, my first budgie, he's a blue and white coloured budgie who is called Joey. Anyway, right now I'm on school holidays so I can't spend pretty much all day with him but I was wondering, when I go back to school, should I put a mirror in his cage to sort of keep him...
  3. General Budgie Talk
    Hi When we bought our bird they said he was a boy. But we have since got a second bird who is defiantly a boy but now I'm not so sure about the first one. Any thoughts?
  4. Introductions
    Hello there. My family recently found a little budgie wandering in the parking lot at my dad's work. We tried finding an owner but no one ever stepped up so now she's ours. Since then I've been doing A LOT of research cause I've never had a bird ever. I always see this site so I decided to join :)
  5. Introductions
    I bought Dave first, he was quickly renamed Houdini! A week after I got him Kayleigh so he wouldn't be alone. :o;) Kayleigh wasn't all fit for fight when I bought her, she slept with a droopy head, she couldn't land too well on the perches and was panting on the first day. It was a bit scary. I...