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  1. Determining Gender
    My budgie pickle whom is a Creamino: talks, humps the chain within the cage and can be really aggressive I have a feeling it’s a male however the cere confuses me
  2. Determining Gender
    So for a few weeks I tried to determine this lil guys gender, I was sure he/she was a male but I'd like a second opinion if possible :)
  3. Determining Gender
    this is my budgie Froot Loop who is a year old yet i still can’t tell the gender. i appreciate any help.
  4. Determining Gender
    Summer= older than 4 months. Has pink-ish cere with white rings. Not very chattery. Stormy= I’m not sure the age. purplish pinkish cere. Has a little blue in it. Very chattery. Clover= I’m not sure the age. White cere with little bit of blue. Has tan rings around nostrils. Not chattery. Kinda...
  5. New Budgie Arrivals
    I have like the sweetest Birds…Meet King which is on top…I got him June 8 one week after Tinkerbell and I brought him home sat him in another cage cage by her…Tinkerbell was like nope I wanna see she was going back and forth in her cage which was the small one so I let her out right and she flew...
  6. Determining Gender
    after my little momo passed a small while ago, my family sought to cheer me up buy buying me another budgerigar, does any one have any clue what the little one may be?
1-6 of 18 Results