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gender identification
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  1. Determining Gender
    Summer= older than 4 months. Has pink-ish cere with white rings. Not very chattery. Stormy= I’m not sure the age. purplish pinkish cere. Has a little blue in it. Very chattery. Clover= I’m not sure the age. White cere with little bit of blue. Has tan rings around nostrils. Not chattery. Kinda...
  2. New Budgie Arrivals
    I have like the sweetest Birds…Meet King which is on top…I got him June 8 one week after Tinkerbell and I brought him home sat him in another cage cage by her…Tinkerbell was like nope I wanna see she was going back and forth in her cage which was the small one so I let her out right and she flew...
  3. Determining Gender
    Hi Team! I had two budgies. I don't know gender and age of both of them. One of them escaped from the cage by opening the gate:cry:. Searched to find. But no avail. So, I am planning to get a new budgie for the remaining one. Please help me to know age and gender of the remaining budgie. Any...
  4. Determining Gender
    Hello all! First time poster and new member! I was curious to y’all’s opinion on what my approx 8 week old budgies gender may be. The internet is giving me conflicting opinions! Tito Tiki Rio
  5. General Budgie Talk
    Hello guys! I have a yellow budgie named Minion and the lady I got it from wasn’t sure what it’s gender is or age. I think it’s a boy and maybe 5 months? I’m not sure because Minion is my first budgie and I got him or her a couple months ago. And he or she has been moulting for 1 month now, I...
  6. Determining Gender
    after my little momo passed a small while ago, my family sought to cheer me up buy buying me another budgerigar, does any one have any clue what the little one may be?
  7. Determining Gender
    Hello, So I thought the dude inside the cage (Fawzy) is a bit lonely and I got him a companion (Jasmine-for obvious reasons). He was extremely excited and welcoming- to an annoying level in my opinion :001_smile: Jasmine is probably around 7-8 weeks old, all white except a couple of very faint...
  8. Determining Gender
    Hello! This is my new baby budgie Nova! Do you think Nova is a girl or boy? Also what mutation do you think? Thank you so much! Faith
  9. Determining Gender
    Hi all, Sorry to bother you but I have a budgie that I cannot determine its gender. Firstly I add photo of Alex from October. S/he was 5 months old when I took that pictures and those days I thought it is a male. Yesterday when I check its cere I thoughy it is a female. Those are the...
  10. Determining Gender
    The seller said it was male and 6 or fewer months, I think it could be female and over 6 months. It has a pale blue cere and doesn't have any bars on its forehead. Its colour is sky blue. :sky blue: Please tell me what you think the gender is.
  11. Determining Gender
    I got my budgie around three weeks ago and it is now very nice. But I have no idea what its gender is, here is a description of his cere. A dark purple on the outside and gets lighter as it goes towards the center, at the very center there is a tiny bit of white around the nostrils but this is...
  12. Determining Gender
    Both of my budgies are very sweet and love each other but I need to know 100% if they are both males or not.:rainbow:
  13. General Budgie Talk
    Borealis is about five months old now and is going through it's first molt (poor thing) We've thought Bori was a boy since it was little but I was wondering if that was correct? Thank you!
  14. Determining Gender
    help me identify the gender and the approx age of new budgie.
1-14 of 14 Results