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  1. Determining Gender
    hi there! i’m a new budgie mum and i need some help on what gender they are. i think it’s a female from what i’ve learnt in my vet nursing classes but im still not sure :/ if someone could help it would be greatly appreciated :) also if someone could help explain what the discolouration on her...
  2. New Budgie Arrivals
    Finally found a wonderful feathered friend and curious to its gender before I pick a name. Also I was doing some research and think it’s a yellow face 2 and an opaline baby. Curious to see if I got any of that right. Thank you and excited to be joining the budgie world.
  3. Determining Gender
    My budgie sky is now over a year old but I’m still unsure of it’s gender. I initially thought she was a girl because of the whiteish rings around it’s cere but another bird owner claimed it is actually a male. Could anyone confirm the gender for me? Btw: these pics were taken on a cloudy day...
  4. Determining Gender
    This youngin just joined the flock and I can’t tell. I’d love opinions!
  5. Your Budgie's Health
    Hello! I recently rescued a budgie and am looking to get him a partner as i am at college till 3 PM most days. I fpund an ad for one but it has some balding at the back of its head? I asked the seller and he said its because its young and growing feathers out (its approx 50 days old) but i read...
  6. Determining Gender
    So I have a blue parakeet named blue, and he’s a boy but I just got a yellow Lutino parakeet named it yellow, but can’t seem to tell if it’s a boy or a girl, Obviously this is yellow!! Lol This is blue Please I would love to know, so if they are different genders I can keep them in different...
  7. Determining Gender
    I recently got 2 new budgies, one of which is an albino, as told by the shopkeeper it is a female. But I am in a bit confusion. Help me in figuring out the gender of both my budgies, white and green... Green also a female..but for confirmation... help... I hve seen both of them preening and...
  8. Determining Gender
    Trying to figure out what gender/roundabout age my bird might be, me/my daughter named them Baby, very chatty and sociable with... Mostly me 😅 we attempted adding a second bird for companionship but they did NOT get along. Not sure who was the problem. Hopefully someone can point me in a...
  9. Determining Gender
    Hello all This is, what I presume, my female budgie Fayrouz, at least that is what the owner of a bird specialist store told me. While he’s very trustworthy, and the budgie’s behaviour is very female like (gnawing, bossing around now and then,…). I cannot help but wonder. She is still quite...
  10. Determining Gender
    Hello Everyone, My friend bought 2 budgies. What is the gender of these budgies? The two budgies won't chirp much at all. Please let me know their gender. I have attached the photos below Thanks
  11. Determining Gender
    I’ve had my budgie since April 2021 and he was said to be about 18 weeks old. His cere has always appeared blueish until about a week ago when I noticed it was looking tan. Now it is a tan/brown and crusty. Very confused and wondering if it’s normal for budgie ceres to change so late?
  12. Determining Gender
    Hi all! I have two young budgies, Bentley and Bugatti. There ceres are both a light blue with white nostrils, but Bentley's has the slightest pinker tinge. I posted pictures on here a month or two ago and the general consensus was that they were both female! Time has passed since then and I've...
  13. Determining Gender
    this is my budgie Froot Loop who is a year old yet i still can’t tell the gender. i appreciate any help.
  14. Determining Gender
    Hi I am new budgie owner, can anyone please help me with the budgie gender. I have attached their photos
  15. Determining Gender
    I have got Kite a month back. He is molting now. With my other budgie (Green), I have observed darker blue cere at the time of molting. I am just not sure if he is she :P
  16. Determining Gender
    I picked this kiddo and I am in love but I’m having trouble determining sex. Band said bbfb0321 (I assume it’s 6 mo?) Any ideas!? And I would love Name ideas? P.S I’m a vet tech and know how to handle and care for birds medically but this is my new personal bird.
  17. Determining Gender
    I got my two new baby budgies last Friday. River (blue) and Winter (White) 8 weeks old. I’m not to sure what sex they are though can anyone help me please.
  18. Determining Gender
    Hello! I am new to this forum and I need help finding out the sex of my new Budgie. I bought my Budgie Cloudy from pet smart on July 1st, judging by the stripes on their head and their black eyes they are probably >5 months old. I thought they were a boy but now I’m confused. When I got them...
  19. Introductions
    Hi there! Thanks for having us 🤗 there's so much useful info on this forum! I work with bigger rescue birds, I'm not as knowledgable with these beauties. This little one is approx 6wks old, there were complications at first, they were rescued from a backyard breeder who had poor conditions, 4...
  20. Determining Gender
    Summer= older than 4 months. Has pink-ish cere with white rings. Not very chattery. Stormy= I’m not sure the age. purplish pinkish cere. Has a little blue in it. Very chattery. Clover= I’m not sure the age. White cere with little bit of blue. Has tan rings around nostrils. Not chattery. Kinda...
1-20 of 33 Results