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  1. Budgie Pictures
    Hello, I'm new here and new to budgie owning. I know you gender budgies by the colour of there cere but my budgie was bought for me and they did not ask the age of the budgies so I'm not sure how old they are. When looking at my budgies cere it looks like either a one month old female or a 3...
  2. General Budgie Talk
    Hey everyone! I am new to this forum and happy to be apart of it! Here I have Ava and Jojo and just want to make a post about my journey with them. I just also have a quick question on what types are my budgies If someone could tell me (: Thank you guys for looking in! Ava is the green...
  3. Determining Gender
    Hello! I have two Budgies, one is about two years old named Kewdie, and I just got a baby named Borealis who is 7 weeks old. I would love some help sexing them. This is Kewdie: This is little Borealis:
  4. General Budgie Talk
    Hello people... i was wondering if you could help me.. i have asked a lot of people but nobody is sure about the sex of my budgies... plus they give me different answers ... causing me to be more confused lol here are both of my budgies: green alone : white alone: and also a vid of...
  5. General Budgie Talk
    Hello! It's been some time since i was active here. This is my new birdie, about 4-5 months old (as per the seller opinion). Can you tell me if this is a little Missy or little boy?? My major dilemma is the gender of this teenager :)
1-5 of 19 Results