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  1. Mutations and Genetics
    Hello everyone! I'm new here. Five months ago a green budgie, whom I named Iris, flew into my room and demanded to be adopted. Research showed that she'd be happier with a friend, so 40 days ago I got Dawn from a gentleman who could no longer take care of his flock due to a heavy workload...
  2. Determining Gender
    Hi - I always wanted a parakeet but never had one. This guy caught my eye at the pet store and so I went for it. I know he's a male -- however I didn't know about aging birds before I bought him. I might have picked a younger one had I known some of the indicators, but, he's really great and...
  3. General Budgie Talk
    Hello, It is with a wounded heart that I ask for help to rehome my darling budgie girl, Brine. Some unforseen changes have happened and I can no longer devote the time and companionship to her that she deserves as some life changes have taken much of my time and attention. I don't want her to...
  4. Mutations and Genetics
    Can anyone help identify my budgies? I read the mutation guides on Cute Little Birdies Aviary, but there were some attributes that fell into both categories. All of my budgies have iris rings and pink feet. Thank you. :)
  5. Mutations and Genetics
    Need some help identifying mutations from experts. I had a lot of different opinnions for each of my budgies and based on the babies they produced i managed to identify some genetic features in some of my budgies, but i need as many opinions as possible, so all opinions are welcomed.
  6. Mutations and Genetics
    Okay, so I've been looking about the internet trying to determine the mutations of my two Budgies. I believe I've got it cracked finally; I'd like some conformation though. I have two Budgies one female (Herb) and one male (Spice). I used this website -...
  7. Mutations and Genetics
    This link provides information for those interested in understanding the genetics of budgerigar mutations: Article Copyright: Inte Onsman - MUTAVI Research & Advice Group posted for educational/research purposes only
  8. Mutations and Genetics
    This is a 3 in one reference for those who have a hard time telling the difference between these 3. From left to right a greywing, a regular wing color pattern, and a cinnamon. Sorry I know it's a little blurry. I took this snapshot in Petco.;)
  9. Mutations and Genetics
    So I have 3 very similarly mutated budgies and have a good hunch as to their mutations but as always, I love hearing what the experts think - and even those who don't consider themselves experts!! Everyone welcome to offer their opinion! I believe Joey is a skyblue greywing because his grey...
1-9 of 12 Results