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  1. Taming and Bonding
    Hello! I've had my budgie for a year now, and nothing has changed. He won't let me come anywhere near him no matter how slow and patient I am. This mostly upsets me because I want him to have an active life. I've been persistent with him, trying every day but nothing has worked. I'm starting to...
  2. Taming and Bonding
    I got a new budgie :clearwing 1: about a month ago now and she is doing really good! She comes over to me when I come up to her cage,she sits on my hand,eats from my hand,eta. But when I take her out of the cage all she does is jump off my hand onto the floor! She has her wings clipped so she...
  3. Training Journals
    Tweet Tweet Internet ! I've decided to start recording Hedwig's training process and progress again. I used to keep it in an actual journal, but it never worked out and I kept forgetting. I made zero progress. Hopefully now that this one is online and now I'm surrounded by positive and...
1-3 of 33 Results