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  1. Budgie Breeding
    Hey everybirdy :) Swoop and Slugfest have finally come out of Quarantine! And I think I will attempt to breed them, just to give me something to do between breeding my tiels, LOL. There's so much to learn, and even though budgies have a lot of similarities to cockatiels, which I've been...
  2. Breeding Journals
    Hey guys. I've recently bought a breeding pair. They had 3 clutches before with a previous owner and are both about 2 years old. I've put them in my breeding cage and saw them mating 2 days later. They have their millets, corn, vitamin, cuttlebone, veggies, crushed boiled eggs. The hen has been...
  3. Breeding Journals
    Hey guys. I've got 8 budgies in total. 4 of them are still young and I have 2 pairs ready to breed. Each pair are separated in a cage with a nest box. I give them millet seeds, carrots, greens, cuttlebone, water, breadcrumps, and crushed boiled eggs. So my questions concerns one pair. The...
  4. General Budgie Talk
    Hi, I'm having trouble naming my violet/lilac budgie. The general consensus is that she's a hen. I want a name that relates to her colour. I like unique names. So please send ideas. :)
  5. General Budgie Talk
    Hi everyone, these are my two new budgies. They're siblings. The photos have been taken in natural light. So all help on sexing them would be great. :) :budgie:
  6. Mutations and Genetics
    I'm going to breed my budgies for the first time in their lives, in about a year or so. But I'm really curious about the possible color outcome, since I know quite a few people that wants some of the chicks, and I couldn't find anything about "skyblue + albino". I have bred budgies before...
1-6 of 25 Results