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  1. Training Journals
    Day 1: Bert loves millet, it's very obvious. He seems very food driven and curious (tried both romaine and cucumber; a no on the cucumber). He paced back and forth and made a lot of calling chirps (loud!) to the wild birds outside once we got him in the cage (that was an ordeal). Saw him eat the...
  2. Budgie Pictures
    This is the adventures of Ronnie & Reggie my beautiful 5 week old and 7 week old budgies. All the way from baby age up until they're elders. :) Ronnie & Reggie's first taming session. In this session they sit on the cage and I sit in front of them and talk to them so that they can become...
  3. Training Journals
    Ahh! Hand scary. So big. Very scary. Ooh! Hand give me food. Food is yummy. Hand not so scary after all. Here comes the start of Neo and Skye's training journal! :)
  4. Training Journals
    Tweet Tweet Internet ! I've decided to start recording Hedwig's training process and progress again. I used to keep it in an actual journal, but it never worked out and I kept forgetting. I made zero progress. Hopefully now that this one is online and now I'm surrounded by positive and...
  5. Training Journals
    I got Nova on November 21th, 2015. She is a rescue and judging by her eyes and cap, I'd say she's at least six months old. The first couple of days she was very stiff, as could be expected. Music really helped relax her and she favors smooth, low voices on the radio over others...
1-5 of 15 Results