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  1. Lost and Found
    So, this budgie just showed up outside, perched on the railing, so we've taken it in, with our other two. Anyways, he's for sure a pet, seeing as how Texas is half-way across the globe from where they belong. Poor thing wouldn't leave the food bowl for the longest time! Required! Please fill...
  2. Lost and Found
    I am writing here in a last ditch attempt to find my beloved 5 yr old White Budgie. She escaped in panic on 8/4/15, after the table that she was on collapsed and her cage broke open. She flew out my door in Three Crosses, Swansea, United Kingdom. There was a relatively strong south-westerly...
  3. Lost and Found
    Good Day Everyone, Springtime has arrived,want to clean those windows and doors and sweep the walkway? That's great-but hold on a sec....where's your bird? Springtime has us all opening our doors and windows,make sure your bird is safe. In our home,we have a simple system. We put a post-it note...
1-3 of 22 Results