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  1. New Budgie Arrivals
    I bought a budgie pair day before yesterday, they had not settled in yet. They were 2-3 months old. I left the room for 30 sec with the cage door open and one of them flew out through the ventilator. Do I get a new budgie to keep the other one company? Please reply urgently. Thank you.
  2. Lost and Found
    Morton Grove, Illinois Hello everyone, My budgie, Sky, flew out the door the moment I opened the door to go take out the trash. It was very sudden and unexpected because all my birds fly freely in the house and we've never had an issue with them wanting to fly out of the house when we leave the...
  3. Lost and Found
    So, this budgie just showed up outside, perched on the railing, so we've taken it in, with our other two. Anyways, he's for sure a pet, seeing as how Texas is half-way across the globe from where they belong. Poor thing wouldn't leave the food bowl for the longest time! Required! Please fill...
  4. Lost and Found
    I am writing here in a last ditch attempt to find my beloved 5 yr old White Budgie. She escaped in panic on 8/4/15, after the table that she was on collapsed and her cage broke open. She flew out my door in Three Crosses, Swansea, United Kingdom. There was a relatively strong south-westerly...
1-4 of 24 Results