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  1. Budgie Behavior
    Hi everyone, After my budgie Budd passed away early last year, I wasn't sure if I'd ever open my heart to another, but this past christmas my boyfriend's mum bought me a baby budgie after asking me what I wanted- I had been thinking about it for a while. I named him Ollie- he's super cute. But...
  2. Budgie Videos
    Hey im new to the forum i have 2parakeets and a new little guy that hatched 6days ago that's Lucky i made a youtube channel for him watching him grow! Subscribe for more to come.
  3. Budgie Behavior
    I have a situation I didn't anticipate :( I thought that by having 3 birds, possibly Buster would get upset not having a close friend - this is not the issue. Buster is really quite happy just being himself - Great! My issue is with Reggie who has fallen head over heals, insanely in love with...
  4. Diseases and Illnesses
    Hello budgie lovers! My dear Olivia, whom I adopted almost a year ago is sick. I don't understand what could have possibly happened. I have attached pictures of her poop. (You have been warned of grossness) I have separated her from her fellow mates and at the moment she is in the cage...
1-4 of 20 Results