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  1. Diseases and Illnesses
    My sweet male parakeet, Lemon, is 7 years old. He is on a mostly seed diet, with vitamins from vet added, and he also eats veggies and fruit. I noticed him yesterday leaning forward and doing a bit of tail bobbing, so I let him get wet and then inspected him. He has a large lump in his lower...
  2. Diseases and Illnesses
    This morning, I noticed one of my budgies has a very abnormal looking lump on his chest. Although it's cold now and normal for them to puff up to keep warm, I can still see the lump even when he's puffed up (his buddy isn't even puffed up at all which makes me think that maybe he's puffed up...
  3. Follow-up Center
    Hi all, I used to have this budgie, which i gave to a friend for a year, and now has returned it back to me because he has too many. I've noticed a small overgrowth/small lump on the beak. I don't thing it is scaly mites (i will treat with invermectinin anyway in a few days if all is ok). I...
1-3 of 12 Results