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  1. Your Budgie's Health
    Is 5mg/ml of Ivermectin safe for budgies? (1 drop/3 weeks)
  2. Taming and Bonding
    I need help! I have a 14 week old handfed English budgie that we have had for about 3 weeks now. He came to us with a respiratory infection and clipped to the point that he couldn’t even flutter. With that said, bonding has been hard because I have had to give the poor babe medicine almost...
  3. Diseases and Illnesses
    Hello my fellow budgie lovers. If I could bother whoever might be able to give some tips and insights, it would be very appreciated. I have 2 budgies, Felix and Fayrouz, the apples of my eye. Recently I started getting a bit worried about felix, nothing quite major was happening but to be safe...
  4. Follow-up Center
    I am owner of budgie pair (Sky and Blue) , It has been 5 month they are with me , from last 1 month i have been noticing poop of Blue (female), Its very runny and lime green in color, firstly i thought it is because i used to give them spinach so it can cause of watery poop so i stopped giving...
  5. Your Budgie's Health
    My little Cthulhu sneezes although he seems perky and energetic otherwise. I took him to the vet (I am lucky enough to live near an exotic pet hospital) and we have progressed treatment from thoroughly de-dusting the room to giving an antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory. These need to be given...
  6. Your Budgie's Health
    Yesterday morning, my brother friend (my Budgies breeder) texted me on Facebook recommending that I use this: Beaphar Anti-Parasite Spot On for Small Birds I went to the shop and brought it and looked at reviews on lots of different websites thinking its safe and I put it on my budgies neck...
1-6 of 18 Results