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  1. Mutations and Genetics
    Just an Idea, I’m going to try the Breeding in April 2022. But what mutations can I expect from these two pairings? — Popcorn, Male: White-based DF Spangle; SF Yellowface Type 1 — Creamix, Female: Ino; Creamino (SF Yellowface Type 1; Albino) ~ I am aware that the Spangle mutation is...
  2. Mutations and Genetics
    Meet Columbus! I’m 100% he’s a grey-based budgie… unless he’s a grey-factor but I do not know his blue colour as I cannot find a single shred of blue in his feathers. No matter how much light I shine on him. When I saw him at Pet Smart here in BC, the light in his enclosure showed his colours...
  3. Mutations and Genetics
    This little boy has me stumped! I came to two conclusions about what type of Mutation this little babe is expressing. I tried to get answers on FB, but all people seem to do it just react and not help. Especially in groups where genetics are discussed, people are either uneducated or answer...
  4. Mutations and Genetics
    I was curious as to what the coloring/mutation of my two little budgies were, if anyone could provide any insight!
  5. Determining Gender
    Hello, So I thought the dude inside the cage (Fawzy) is a bit lonely and I got him a companion (Jasmine-for obvious reasons). He was extremely excited and welcoming- to an annoying level in my opinion :001_smile: Jasmine is probably around 7-8 weeks old, all white except a couple of very faint...
  6. Forum Games
    Show off your beautiful budgies! Post a photo of your bird with his/her name, gender, color, and mutations under written under! If someone has a photo with no mutation/color/gender written under, and you think that you might know, feel free to guess what you think the bird is! Name: Didi...
  7. Your Budgie's Health
    This is Skedaddle. He was in beautiful condition before his first moult, but since then he's looked like this. He can't grow his wing feathers. I also noticed he has a striking black pattern under his tail, but he doesn't have any black elsewhere. Is this a specific mutation?
1-8 of 61 Results