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  1. Mutations and Genetics
    I have 2 budgies, Zelda and Link. Zelda is the white/blue female who is 1 year old and the granddaugther of 2 of my previous budgies (Fuglebugl & Cookie). Link is the green youngling, who I just picked up recently, and he is around 3 months old. I wasn't sure I wanted to mate them, but they get...
  2. Budgie Breeding
    what colour mate will give the nicest colour offspring with my lutino budgie? what colour offspring will I get with a blue/white budgie with my lutino?
  3. Mutations and Genetics
    Hi all! I'm trying to figure out what colors and what mutations (if any) my budgies have. Cecil, the green budgie is almost 3 years old and Carlos, the blue budgie is about 4 months (I understand Carlos might be too young to say definitively). Cecil: Carlos: , Someone did say that they...
  4. Lighthearted and Upbeat Chit Chat Only
    I am having trouble finding information regarding my budgie's unique markings. He only has markings on his left wing. How rare is this? Thanks!
  5. Mutations and Genetics
    Hi, I have two budgies, Ollie and miss Daisy- I would love some help with determining their mutations! They are still quite young. Ollie is roughly almost 8 months old I say and Daisy about 3 months. When I first bought Ollie he didn't have much green on his chest, he was mostly all grey there...
  6. Mutations and Genetics
    Hello! This is the first time I have ever used a forum before and I'm not super well-versed on parakeet anatomy so please be patient with me as I work this out! c: I have a budgie that I'm unsure of the mutation. I had assumed he was sort of standard green, but I noticed recently that the...
  7. Mutations and Genetics
    I'v always been curious about colorations, mutations, morphs and such with different animals, and was wondering what my Charlie is. Also, if anyone else has pictures and types of their birds they want to add, I would love to see them! :budge:
  8. Mutations and Genetics
    hi would anyone be able to help identify Bandit? im just curious and would like to know :) thanks! :budgie:
  9. Mutations and Genetics
    Hi guys. I thought I'd put this here in case anyone is confused on how to breed a basic rainbow budgie - that is, a bird such as this: And who's mother was this: The factors in producing a nice looking rainbow: - Opaline - Blue - Violet factor (optional but visually stunning) - Yellowface...
  10. Mutations and Genetics
    I know they are both males but would love some info about their coloring and/or mutations. Buttercup has since passed and Stormy and Sparkle are the newest to the family. Stormy has no long tail feather. I was wondering if this is normal? I was told they are about 10 months to a year old...
  11. Mutations and Genetics
    Can anyone tell what kind of rainbow mutation this little chap is? I don't know if rainbows change with age but he's 9 weeks old!
  12. Mutations and Genetics
    Please, what mutations are they? Ok i think Annabell is Opaline But what about my other babies Kiwi - He has a yellow spot on the back of his head. Could he have some kinda of pied in him? Sky - She has a little less blue now and there's two different blues, one a little bit darker than...
  13. Mutations and Genetics
    She's too young right now, by my recessive pied cinnamon mauve (Diamond) and my dilute cinnamon skyblue (Pepper) are bonded and I'm sure will one day be having babies. What possibilities would there be among the offspring?
  14. Mutations and Genetics
    My dilute skyblue cinnamon boy is currently trying to win over my dark green normal girl. What mutations should their offspring be? Normals?
  15. Mutations and Genetics
    Hi! My first budgie, Pepper, is a year old and the bright blue one in the photo. He's an awesome little bird, and says "Hi Pepper", "no", and does a couple of different whistles. Lucy is the green one, she's two, and she's a really pretty deep jade green. She's super smart, too, and knows two...
  16. Mutations and Genetics
    I have my ideas but I just want to be certain. Here are the first two! And here are the other pair. The hens wing markings etc are a grey/brown colour, alot lighters than the ****s. Thanks!!
  17. Mutations and Genetics
    Can anybody tell me what I will get if I breed a dark factor grey and a light green??
  18. Mutations and Genetics
    These are my new budgies and I was wondering what their mutations are. I think the first one is a sky blue spangle with those cute little violet cheek patches. The second one is like a dilute but his tail is a pale sky blue while his body is more purple. The third picture is a photo of the 1st...
  19. Mutations and Genetics
    Hello :D A friend of mine wanted to know what colour/variety their budgies are... And also your predictions of what would he get if they mate :) Here you have the male on the left and female on the right... Male again... And female :p Thank you :)
  20. Mutations and Genetics
    HIIIIIII EVERYONE :p I spend many hours in Talk Budgies cause I just love it... I've come across a lot of different colours, even ones that I didn´t know it existed :speechless-smiley-0 I'm so confused and perplexed right now.. specially with all the "spangle, pied, opaline" and other...