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  1. Budgie Breeding
    My two parakeets laid their first egg around January 1. The last, and sixth, egg was maybe laid around the 13th. None of the eggs hatched. I decided to wait as long as possible (today, Feb 1) before candling them to reduce stress on the mother and minimize interacting with the eggs. They all...
  2. Budgie Breeding
    Hey guuys! I wanted to ask here, what can you use for breeding budgies, except wooden box? I bought one, and there is no right hole for it, and it cant fit inside. I have big cage, and i can gent another one for babies if needed, and two lovely birds, that kiss and play all the time. I have...
  3. Mutations and Genetics
    I was wondering if it was them trying to build a nest or not. (But I have a small hide away for them in case, they don't use it though, at all, I don't know why for that either) What they do is go to the bottom of the cage, grab old feathers and take them up the cage, then do something and drop...
1-3 of 18 Results