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  1. Your Budgie's Health
    Hello all, So about a month ago we got two new budgies to add to our flock. One of them has settled in really well, and is flying around/playing with toys/climbing around the cage and just generally enjoying himself. The other one however has been acting different. He's pretty stressy, and...
  2. Other Birds
    This is Yoda, my new rescue. He is 16 years old. Poor thing was never tamed and obviously not let out of his cage. He did let me give him a bath and he loves running around the house. Going to be a long road with taming him but he is loved and getting the care that he needs.:)
  3. Other Birds
    Today we added three more tiels to the family from a shelter. Two 1 year old males and a 17 year old male. Didn't have the heart to leave the senior baby. They were so grateful for their baths and out of the cage time. I named my senior Yoda, the mean one is Sassy and the lover baby Sweetie...
1-3 of 29 Results