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  1. Determining Gender
    Am I a girl or boy? My owner is new to budgies. Hi. Am I a girl or boy? My owner is new to budgies and needs help figuring me out. I'm about 9-10 weeks old.
  2. Your Budgie's Health
    Hi I just got a budgie for the first time about two weeks ago and I dont know if this is normal but I noticed my budgie has what look like bald patches under his wings and back (only visible when he stretches his wings). They look dark and white so Im not too sure if theyre bald patches or just...
  3. General Budgie Talk
    So ive never personally had a budgie myself but many of my friends have and I’ve spent a good amount of time around them and I’ve been considering for a while and now decided I want to get some. I have school and I’m gone usually from 7:30am till 3:30 and some nights I have play practice from...
  4. Lost and Found
    Hello! I found a green budgie, this little fella, huddling outside my front door for warmth in NYC on Monday near midnight. He seems in good health, at least a year old, and I've been reading up on budgies like crazy to ensure however much time he spends with me is happy. We kept him in a...
  5. Training Journals
    Barbarossa, better known as Bar-Bar was added to our family on February 9th. He was fully mature. Gypsy joined us last month on April 1st. Going by suggestions from others he was about a month old when we got him. (Also: until this morning we thought "he" was a "she.") Bar-Bar was very...
1-5 of 34 Results