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  1. Diet and Nutrition
    Hello! So I rescued 4 budgies a week ago, and I have been trying (there have been a few bumps in the road) to get them acclimated to this new lifestyle. While trying to help them, I noticed that they will not eat anything but a seed diet. When I fill it with the pellets that are supposed to...
  2. New Budgie Arrivals
    Hi everybody I am extremally glad to be a part of this group. I have a background on owning budgies, however I still find myself as a newbie, since I was only 10 when I had some budgies. Most of the time my parents were the ones taking care of them and I never had the interest on learning...
  3. Your Budgie's Health
    Hey! I just bought these toys for my budgies and I noticed they were nibbling on the threads is that safe? This was made for budgies so I assumed it was safe
  4. Taming and Bonding
    Hello! I'm new at this, I recently got two budgies both less then a year old and they've only been with me for 3 days so far. I know that you're supposed to give the birds at least 5-7 days to adjust to their new environment. Of course, the first day I let them relax and get adjusted. The second...
1-4 of 59 Results