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  1. New Member Introductions
    New to the forum but I've had parakeets for several years now. I have 6 parakeets total - 4 females (Ziggy and Zaggy, Paige, and Splotch), 1 male (Jericho), and one unknown (Zephyr, 1.5 months old). Jericho and Splotch are a mated pair (the second pair I've owned), and Zephyr is their first...
  2. Budgie Videos
    It seems like i'm constantly taking videos of my birdies so thought I'd create this place up to share them :)
  3. Budgie Videos
    Hey im new to the forum i have 2parakeets and a new little guy that hatched 6days ago that's Lucky i made a youtube channel for him watching him grow! Subscribe for more to come.
  4. Budgie Behavior
    Someone please help! I've been feeling incredibly guilty lately about having two parakeets. They will never come out of their cage and we have had them for four months!! Are we doing something wrong or are they just really happy together? Please respond.
  5. Your Budgie's Health
    Hey ! Im new to this forum so sorry if im doing things wrong. So I recently housed 2 parakeets cleo and bubble. Ive done my research before getting them and thought everything was going to be okay. Little did i know, it was going to be a bit.. dreadful. So during the first week everything was...
1-5 of 51 Results